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Instrument Cluster Gauge Repair and Replacement

As a leading provider of instrument cluster gauge repair in Wichita, Elwoods Submarine Repair takes pride in offering the best service to customers and is dedicated to serving their needs each and every day.

GM Motor Replacement

All GM motors are replaced with new, updated fifth-generation units that will never break. All illumination bulbs are changed, whether they were working or not. Other modifications (solder with lead) prevent the driver's information and other displays from becoming dim or completely dark in the future.

GM offers replacement instrument clusters containing their stepper

motors and replacement bulbs (turn signal/hazard and cruise control bulbs not replaced and no solder added) for a whopping $400 plus programming and R&R FEES. We are happy to repair these and give you a lifetime guarantee when they fail. 

If you buy a used unit and need the ODO to match your original unit we can do that and give you a lifetime guarantee if you have us rebuild it.

New and Used Module and Cluster Programming

If you've replaced any modules and now your car won't run, call Cory. He programs new and used modules and clusters using the latest factory software from GM, Ford, and Chrysler, with factory scan tools, including IDS, Witech, DRB III, Tech II, and MDI. Elwoods Submarine Repair carries them all. In addition, Cory owns downloaded subscriptions for Ford, GM, and Chrysler so you have the latest and greatest software and updates available.

If you have a Global A GM vehicle (GOOGLE It!) call us before installing ANY used parts as your vehicle may become damaged or rendered immobile if the key is turned on twice! Global A began in 2010 an some vehicles and all GMs in 2014 on.

GM Gauge Repair

The cost of a gauge repair for GM vehicles from '02 to '06 GM is $150.00. The full service includes coming to your home, work, or wherever it's most convenient and removing and repairing your instrument cluster, including bolstering the display circuits to fix or prevent the PRNDL and driver information center from becoming dark or dim. 

ODO/PRNDL Lamp Replacement for Rendezvous Cluster, display removal & replacement: $50.00 extra 
SSR Truck Repair: $75.00 extra (Due to the Intense Dash Work)
'06 - '11 GM Instrument Cluster Repair with Dark Displays: $125.00
Ford Truck Odometer Display Repair: $90.00
'04 - '06 Ford Mustang Gauge Repair: $150.00
Chrysler Complete Resolder for Lock, Dome Light, and Shifting Problems: $125.00

*Some Fords may require two keys to program the theft system if the cluster is changed because part of the security system is the cluster (PATS and SKIM). Programming is $90.00.

All Work Guaranteed for a Lifetime

GM Repairs usually take about an hour, and only GM repairs are $150.00 for a lifetime warranty. That means they will outlast your vehicle. Spend your hard-earned cash on quality, and you'll never regret it. There is no value in leaving soon-to-be-dead motors and bulbs in your dash just for the sake of a few dollars. Those left behind will go bad.

Removing the needles is very stressful on the delicate first-generation motors. GM still uses these defective motors in their rebuilt units, which is what you get in a GM rebuild. They also leave the cracked solder. Cory uses fifth-generation motors that are guaranteed forever, and he repairs all of those cracked joints with a premium solder to outlive your vehicle. Be aware that we have now found second-generation stepper motors in the GM rebuilt clusters sold at the parts counter. These motors are also defective, but it's progress in the right direction.  

On-Site Repair and Programming

If you're replacing a module on your new, rebuilt, or used car that needs to be programmed, call Cory today. Examples include IMMO, ABS, BC, PCM, TCM, SIR, RCM, OCM, RADIO, MSM, PDM, DDM, EATC, LGM, TCCM, DERM, SKIM, TDM, and RCDLR. If you recognize any of these acronyms, then you understand the value and convenience of on-site repair and programming. Just call, no towing!